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Why should I hire an attorney?

Dealing with the legal system and/or insurance companies is stressful. The law allows individuals to represent themselves, but when they do it creates an un-level playing field where an individual is up against a business or insurance company with more resources, experience, and knowledge that will be used against them in every way possible. Simply put, getting an attorney levels the playing field.

How much does it cost to hire an attorney?

Each case is unique, and presents its own set of laws, challenges, and risks. Because of this, Lloyd & Hogan offers a FREE, no obligation consultation for injury, disability, and many other cases in which an individual or business is seeking to make a claim.

Will I end up with less if I have to pay an attorney?

While no attorney can guarantee results, we can say that, historically, in almost every case, our clients have ended up with more money in their pockets at the end of the day as the result of hiring an attorney.

How much am I going to get, and how long is it going to take?

These are the 2 things most asked in the initial interview. If any lawyer ever tried to answer these questions without fully investigating the claims first, you should walk out of the office and never look back. The answers to these questions depend on multiple factors that may include, but is certainly not limited to, the facts and circumstances surrounding the incident in question, the nature and extent of injuries and damages, the content of medical records and bills, the length of recovery, the presence and amount of insurance coverage, the personalities of the parties involved, the location in which the incident happened, among other things.