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Signs that a driver is drunk

Drunk drivers are a big concern for many people. It is estimated that each year, there are more than 121 million drunk driving incidents across the nation, states the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Imagine how many of those accidents occur on the streets of Fort Payne. Many people are aware of the dangers of drunk driving. But they may not be aware of how to recognize the signs of intoxication. Motorists should learn how to identify drunk drivers so they can avoid collisions with them.

Wide turns and swerving

Drunk drivers have a hard time controlling their actions and vehicles. They often overcompensate by making wide turns and swerving from side to side on the roads. They experience great difficulty staying in their lanes and may straddle other lanes. Many of them are not aware that they are driving recklessly, others are. Their erratic driving behaviors are often the most obvious indicators of intoxication.

Driving off the road

Driving is no easy task for drunk drivers. Many of them lose touch with reality. They are not able to concentrate on the road and may end up driving in other places. It is not uncommon for law enforcement to receive complaints about intoxicated motorists who are driving in backyards and on the opposite sides of the roads towards incoming traffic.

Driving too slow

Drivers who have had too much to drink are very likely to drive too slow. They have a slowed perception of time. Many of them think they are driving at normal speeds when they are not. This is often very confusing to other drivers. Drunk motorists who drive too slow are also a major danger to pedestrians.

Sudden stops for no reason

Many inebriated vehicle operators drive with their feet on the brakes. They make sudden and random stops because they are struggling to operate their vehicles normally. They may also experience hallucinations that make them feel they should stop their vehicles even though nothing is in their way.

Sleep at the wheel

Some drivers drink so much that they fall asleep or pass out while they are driving. This can happen while their vehicles are in park and while they are in traffic. Drunk drivers are very dangerous to encounter on the roads because it is hard to predict when they may lose consciousness and cause multiple car accidents.

Many motorists can avoid drunk drivers if they pay careful attention to the drivers on the roads and their actions. Anyone who is involved in a car accident with a drunk motorist should seek guidance from an attorney.