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For some, the start of the New Year means filing for divorce

During the holiday season many “real life” issues get put on hold. Once the chaos is over and the New Year begins it is not uncommon for people to reassess their lives. While this may actually start before the holidays, in January people may be more likely to act on the things they’ve been thinking about for awhile, such how to take better care of themselves. For people whose marriage has been strained, this may entail filing for divorce.

According to a study the number of divorce filings in the United States spike in the first month of the year. The study, which looked at divorce filings over a three year period (from 2008-2011), found that peoples’ interest in divorce and related matters continued through the month of March.

While everyone has their own reasons for filing for divorce there are likely similarities in what prompts people to wait until the beginning of a new year to file for divorce. In addition to seeking a “fresh start” as a part of a New Year’s resolution, if they have young children, they may not have wanted to ruin the holidays’ celebratory mood.

Regardless of when or why someone files for divorce the same issues will need to be addressed. In addition to the division of assets and debts, when there are children involved, custody and support will need to be determined. Because these matters can be complex and hard to work through, most people in this situation find it beneficial to work with a divorce lawyer.