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Car Accident Aftercare in Alabama – What You Should Know

If you’ve found yourself in a car accident, you might be confused and overwhelming attempting to handle everything going on. It’s a frustrating and scary experience, especially if you have been injured. The potential ramifications and how they could impact your life might even seem just too big to face. Never fear, however, as there is help available!

There are certain things you can do right after your accident to help ensure that your rights and expenses are covered. In addition to contacting an experienced attorney, following the advice presented here could help make the time after a car accident a little less overwhelming.

Right After the Accident

Immediately after the accident is often a crucial time. The first thing you should do is to locate and assess any injuries that you or your passengers have sustained. Note that whiplash, an injury commonly sustained by car accident victims, might not have clear-cut symptoms right after the crash. That means that remaining vigilant and taking note of any potential neck trauma as well as muscle spasms, muscle stiffness, and dizzy spells. These can be indicative of serious trauma and should be reported to a physician immediately.

If you or anyone else involved in the accident have been injured, seek medical attention right away. This is important on a practical level as it helps for insurance purposes, but it is also important on a purely self-serving level – your health is important!

After you’ve assessed your injuries, make sure that you call relevant authorities and report the accident. This includes both insurance companies involved as well as police. It is likely that all of these entities will have further instructions for you to follow.

Finally, make sure to take photos of the scene of the accident. This is often doable thanks to the prevalence of smartphones. Assuming that yours wasn’t injured in the accident, document the entire scene as well as specifically your injuries and damage to your personal property.

The Aftermath

Within a few days of your accident, and after you’ve received medical attention for any injuries sustained, it’s time to focus on dealing with car insurance companies. Please remember to never give formal statements until after you have had the chance to assess your coverage! If you have sustained serious injuries or serious property damage, consider reaching out to an experienced Alabama car accident attorney who can help ensure that your rights are upheld. Additionally, keep a record of doctor’s visits, mechanic’s visits, and any conversations you have with witnesses or the other party.

Finally, you should be realistic about your long-term prognosis as a result of your injuries. If it is likely that you will suffer symptoms from these injuries for the foreseeable future, then it’s time to reach out to an attorney. Don’t leave your health and your compensation to chance or believe that insurance companies will always pay out fairly. They are focused on their own bottom line, not yours – so ensure that you have someone with your best interests on your side!